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[week four - monday]

[ Well. She might as well try to find him.

Xion has been curious about Ash from the very first time she heard he wasn't human. But given his ... abrasive disposition, and what with everyone pinning him as one of the likeliest to kill everyone here, she just kind of kept her distance.

But .... he helped her during that trial. Twice, no less. He wasn't nice about it, but the fact remains that he still did so. And it's that curiosity, plus a desire to get to know one of the other non-humans in this place, that sends her searching.

At least he's easy to find, which makes her life easier (and the pain in her foot at little less). Seeing him in the hotel lounge gets her to slow, which ... you know, she wasn't going very fast in the first place given her need to hobble everywhere. But ... well, she's not too sure about this, but she'll try a smile when she sees him. ]

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[ he is easy to find, if somewhat unapproachable... mostly because it's hard to tell what he's even doing. He's crouched in the corner of the room with one hand to the wall, either looking for something, thinking deeply about something, or maybe both.

And, considering his "popularity" with the other residents of town, he's not really expecting anyone to talk to him anyway. So when Xion does, he looks over his shoulder at her with a vaguely confused expression, the motion accompanied by a small mechanical noise. ]

You? [ that crybaby girl. ] How unexpected. I didn't think someone like you would have the guts to speak to me directly.
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[ okay, that makes him bark out a laugh. ]

I guess you wouldn't know any better. Poor creature.

[ despite his scornful words, he picks himself up off the floor to face her properly, glancing her over. Trying to find out why she's seeking him out, most likely. Ash is more than familiar with everyone's dislike of him, so he assumes she has an agenda. ]

Let me guess. You've come to pin the blame for something on me? Or perhaps you have a bone to pick with me over saying something mean last trial? Oh, the possibilities are endless.
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[ she can learn he needs to lose weight

he can't decide if she's brave or just naive. Maybe somewhere in between. His arrogant smirk fades at her question; it was unexpected. ]

I'd say that's obvious by now. I'm an artificial intelligence.
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[ the first time he heard those words, he was shocked; the second time, he was interested. Now, this third time, he just wonders how he's going to be disappointed again. (Maybe the problem wasn't with humans, but all physical beings - he can't help but consider it.) ]

You're not. [ there are several of them!! or... there were. ] And what are you supposed to be, if not human? You certainly act like one.
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[ Human enough that the idea that she might be something else never even crossed his mind. She fits in with them perfectly - every week, at every trial, he sees her surrounded by friends, people trying to comfort her, the whole lot. Is she unaware of that? Then again, if she is what she says she is-- ]

A clone, then. [ like his "family" - if he could even call them that when they'd never known he existed at all. ] A fifteen-year-old one, at that. If you've lived that long, you certainly weren't made for harvesting organs from.
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[ he tilts his head, cocking one eyebrow slowly as he listens. Now it's obvious why she wanted to talk to him, specifically. Absently, he wonders if all of her 'friends' know about this part of her - or if she's been hiding it so that they don't reject her. These things don't tend to go over well. ]

Hm... That's a story I've heard before. Not from you, but from my mother. [ a weird thing for a robot to say, but he continues before it can be questioned. ] There were once people much like you on my planet. They wanted to take the Earth from humanity, turn it into a place where they could live together happily as a family of their own... They didn't get far before they were all killed.

[ a cynical smile curls on his face; he shakes his head faintly. ]

But like you, they were considered disposable weapons by their creator, so that was the end of that. To create life, only to throw it away as if it were worthless... Hypocritical, really.
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[ it's easy enough to see where she's coming from, but he shakes his head, looking scornful. ]

He's made it clear that he's chosen his side. You can see how the people here treat him... Yet he continues to serve those who I assume created him. He wants to side with humanity. He chooses to obey. Or, perhaps, he has no choice but to obey. Not all data entities have my... willpower.

[ even so, he's not very sympathetic towards him. If he chooses to obey, he's an enemy; if he can only obey, he's little more than a tool. ]

But perhaps it bothers you. Does it?
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[ he leans his back against the wall, apparently thinking. Thinking of how to word his response, really. Much of the prickliness present in his voice and demeanor at the start of their conversation has faded, leaving him sounding simply bitter - and not towards her, it seems. She reminds him of his brothers and sisters, provided what she's saying is true, and it mutes his ever-present anger. ]

They treat him that way because they have nowhere else to direct their anger. Humans are like that. [ a pause. ] Do you blame the smoking gun for killing a man, or do you blame the one who pulled the trigger? If he's truly a slave to his programming, he can't do anything, and doesn't deserve sympathy or blame. But if he's not, and he's capable of higher thinking like you and I... Then he's simply too cowardly to change himself.

[ Ash has tried planting the seeds, but it can take years to rewrite one's own programming. He would know. ]

The ones who created him are our enemies. As long as he chooses to side with them, then he's our enemy, too. It's that simple.
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[ as always, he's taken aback by someone thanking him for anything - it's happened more here in this town than... well, ever. Not that he had much interaction with outsiders back home. After a brief pause, he just snorts, shaking his head slowly. ]

I don't want your thanks. All I'm doing is stating the obvious - it's wonder enough that any of this is even sinking in. [ less mad, but still rude, apparently. ]

What were you created for?
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A copy of someone's abilities?

[ he tilts his head at her, seeming slightly more interested. ]

Hm. You really are similar to Rion - even choosing to side with the humans. But I doubt that they could ever accept a clone like you into their society.

[ this is a familiar story... ]
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[ not around humans? huh. he wonders if she was created by a machine, like himself... or perhaps by other clones. He'll ask later. ]

But they don't know who you really are. Do they? [ a slight shake of his head. ] They think that you're like them... But you're not.